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International Employment Made Simple

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Let's conquer the global marketplace together.

Setting up a new subsidiary in a country outside of where your headquarters are based can be time draining to both consider and execute. V-Sub International PEO can make this process far simpler.

We would take care of all aspects of payroll and the necessary compliance leaving you and your business free to focus on other value added activities.


Exceptional Service


V-Sub's management team have been running organisations and managing resources for more than 50 years. 


Global PEO Solutions


Utilise a tactical approach to international growth and envisage your long term requirements with our affiliated services.


Our proven methodologies ensure a seamless interface with your management team in the US to ensure that the milestones are achieved.

Industry Leading Expertise



How quick is the set-up time?

As soon as you have your personnel in place our tailored set up processes are practically immediate.

Can I have specific benefits packages?

Yes, where companies require specific types of benefit for employees over and above any local statutory requirement, V-Sub can accommodate this. 

Can you supply an employment contract?

Yes, it is absolutely essential that any employee must have an employment contract that is compliant to their locality.

Is it easy to exit?

Exiting a geography under a PEO structure is very straightforward, from the request to close down to the final release of employees.



International PEO as a tool for international growth

Aiming to establish a legitimate authority in another country may not only be a costly process, but also time consuming when using a subsidiary that is overseas. It can aid your organisation to establish a full commitment in country as you gain confidence from the regional market, although this does carry some risks.

How international PEO allows freedom for tech firms to expand on their own terms

Both US and UK tech organisations know that it is in their best interest to expand internationally in order to develop their client base, scope out talent and dominate the opposition. 

HR Outsourcing Can Help International Businesses Stay Agile

HR outsourcing is an essential for businesses that are trying to grow rapidly. Different services can help companies stay agile and ahead of the problems many companies face when trying to face global expansion without help.

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